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Arches and Wedding and Accessories
Our Arbors add to your rustic, vintage or classic feel to any wedding. They provide a beautiful setting for a ceremony. They can also be used to highlight and entrance or a special part of any reception.

Daily Rental Rate:

1. Natural Twig Arbor: Single: $325.00 / Natural Twig Arbor: Double: $650.00

2. Bamboo Arbor: Single: $175.00 / Bamboo Arbor: Double (Floral not included): Double: $450.00

3. Arch without side frames/hidden weighted supports: $ 350.0

4. Southern Window Arbor:  $750.00

5. Painted White Wood Trellis Arbor: $325.00  

5. A-Frame Ceremony Arbor (Floral not included): $450.00

6. Four Post Arbor (Floral not included): $450.00


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